About Us

Where We Started
Avik’s members were all part of an exciting start up named Kiva Systems, we are proud of our background at that extremely successful robotics company (as you might guess from our name) but are also excited about our future as an independent company. The Avik name not only pays homage to the company that brought us and our skill-sets together, it is also an Indian name meaning “having the strength of a diamond”, as well as “brave”, “professional” and “never been seen before”. We feel our company, and especially the people who make us great, all possess the strength and determination our name implies; and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to prove it to our customers on each and every project.

Our Mission
Avik exists to provide consultation, installation, integration and training for intelligent material handling solutions. Our primary focus is providing excellent service for our customers through unparalleled experience with complex problems that arise in the material handling world. By working with leading vendors and manufacturers who offer unique and intelligent solutions in the warehouse automation space; we are able to provide advanced solutions to any of our customers’ biggest challenges. Each and every time we are privileged to be onsite at our customer’s distribution centers we view it as an opportunity to solidify our relationship with them as their preferred vendor. While onsite performing maintenance, installation and integration tasks we strive to work seamlessly with our clients and their teams and employ a “whatever it takes” attitude to ensure the work is done better, faster and smarter than the competition.

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We provide you with an automated handling system to fit your needs. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. There are no long-term commitments required, and we are available to do large and small projects. You can depend on us to make the transition smooth by working out the kinks along the way.