Shipping System

CASI manfactures and integrates both standard and custom shipping systems for single and multi-carrier shipping operations. Most shipping areas consist of manual manifest stations with several steps of scanning, weighing, cubing, and applying a shipping label. Our automated systems typically replace the labor of 2-4 manual operators.

CASI Shipping Systems

CASI provides turnkey shipping solutions for single carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-line systems. Typical systems include:

  • Order ID scan (License Plate Barcode) and lookup
  • Parcel Checkweigh for shipping weight and/or pick verification
  • Automatic print and apply of shipping label
  • Verification scan to ensure order ID is married to correct shipping label
  • Reject for exceptions such as no-read, bad shipping label, wrong shipping weight, etc.
  • Parcel sortation to carrier, service type, zipcode, etc.

Rules Based Shipping

Our SolidShip™ software provides an interface to rules based carriers’ applications such as UPS Connectship™, FedEx Powership™, Airborne Linkage™ and other rules based applications, allowing for automated in-line manifesting of multiple carriers on the same line. If you are shipping a few hundred to several thousand cartons per day, automation is the tool that will save money, labor, human mistakes, and provide excellent ROI in under a year.
Multi-Carrier Shipping

Are you a rate shopper using ClipperShip, Pitney Bowes, or other rate shopping software? No problem. Both SolidShip™ and SolidLabel™ integrate seamlessly to generate labels, interface the rate shopping software, and verify the shipping label was applied to the intended package.

Shipping Sortation

Downstream functions include multi-carrier sortation based on carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.), service type (Overnight, Express, Ground, USPS First Class, etc.).

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